Sunday, 9 December 2012

Deciding to go to University

View from UCA Rochester

Work that was up in UCA Rochester

Sneaky pic of a guy I saw in Winchester

It started of with a dream: I was about to get on the train but the station was so busy, and i got push to the ground. i heard the train leave with out me, but when i turned around the station was empty, and the train was still there. i thought about this dream and i started to think that maybe it was an oppurtunity that i thought i missed but its still there waiting for me. Then i had a revelation that it might be sign to go to Uni. I went to Winchester school of Arts and UCA Rochester open days.
Really like the universities both in peaceful locations and great working environments. Going to the acctual places made me have a good feel on how it could be next year, the next step is scarying m  a little but I'm also excited for a new experience.

love his shoes that have a little platform and he can really pull of lilacy hair. Aiming for the hair colour.

Never thought of a hook and hoop/buckle as a fastening, so creative.

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