Friday, 21 June 2013

Toys And Childhood Games (F.M.P) Photo Shoot

Photographer: Daniela Nobrega

Models: Amalia Paraskeva, Casey Shepherd

I was inspired by Tim Walkers over sized style as I thought the idea of creating a playroom would reflect on my theme and the over-sized props will show it from that point of view.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Work and Exhibition!

Market Board - My designs are aimed for music video or/and music performances wear.
Aimed for artist like Pink, Hayley Williams, Little Mix

Mood Board 

Inspired by  the Very talented Cassandra Rhodin

Construction Diary, Photo Shoot book, Pattern Pieces Folder 

Final Print Samples 

Close up of my headers 
I really enjoyed this project! I felt so confident and learned that I am a playful Designer. I feel so creativitly drained now. I didn't want to show a literally approach from my project title which is Toys and Childhood games.
I just wanted to show little elements for example the Golf PVC fabric. I have chosen this  because I thought it resembled Lego. I have also used scoobies as panels but spray painted it so it doesn't look like scoobies and to match my colour pallette. My combination of bright and metallic on my colour palette reflected the playful colours and the plastic texture of toys.

Exhibition Spot

Others Peoples garments, The smocked dress is made and designed by Ranny

The Exhibition opens at Northbrook college UK on Wednesday so come along and check out our work :)!

Happy Fathers Dayy!!

Philippines when I was about 4

18th this year 
Me pops is amazing, we didn't really do anything special but i gave him a card and the weird head massager thing that tickles everyone one more than massages. Really gonna miss him when I am at Uni. Always gonna be his baby.

Sunday, 16 June 2013


On Friday me and frank went out on a posh cocktail bar crawl and it was amazing really felt like we were moving up! I finished college!! Free at last. Handed in last Thursday! And he finished his exams for the year 12!

So many things planned!
BEN HOWARD in the Mumford and Sons Stampeded tour
Portugal. Optimus Alive (GreenDay and MonstersOfMen)

I also want to achieve some things:
Learn how to cook and be prepared for uni
Make some clothes and sell them (which i must really achieve this year)
Expand on pattern cutting
Have Work experience in London with a designer or textiles
Go to the Bowie exhibition
Go see something at the West End
and loads of little things but that's the main ones

Monday, 3 June 2013


Here's my beautiful kitchen 

Blog Pose

We got ready together to go to our friend Laurens 18th a nice excuse to dress up. Also I got ill again for the third time this year and its always when it is half term. So after drowning myself in my duvet and college work was great to go out. It was great hanging out with these two again, and also seeing loads of people I hadn't seen at Laurens.