Saturday, 5 April 2014

Bristol Fashion Week

Went to see a show at Bristol Fashion week. It was at the mall Cribbs Causeway which is huge. I Found  the show really inspiring and it was great to know the trends that are hitting the high streets. The show was hosted by Mark Heyes, TV stylist and Andrew Barton, celebrity hairdressers.

Cardiff Vintage Fair

My monthly shopping trip!

Little Black Dress Photo Shoot

My Final Outcome
Photography: Daniela Nobrega
Model: Aisling Carroll-Turner
Location: Brighton, New Road

Little Black Dress Project

This was one of our first projects in the first semester.
We had to design our own version the the iconic Little Black Dress.
The garment had to be made in felt. The fabric had its ups and downs but I think my final outcome suited well with the fabric and design.

This is my Research and design book (Rnd).
I have done a digitally based book as a sketchbook before. I am so use to being crafty and hands on that i found it difficult to have my layouts to reflect me and my designs.

Non Fashion Inspiration

Textile Manipulation

Portfolio and RnD Book

Saturday, 22 February 2014


Missing the blonde hair.
Just a blue outfit for those feeling gloomy because of the weather. Come On Summer!