Thursday, 20 December 2012

Chance and Accident Project


We were given a project called Chance and Accident. In this project we had to pick out teo words out of an envelope and one of the words would represent the style of clothing and the other is the design. I picked out Uniform Extreme/Excess.
I research various uniforms and chose Prison wear because I like the denim and the history of it. For Extreme/Excess I focus on natural disasters because of the recent tradgey of The Hurricane Sandy.
I also looked at the Volcanoe Eruption in Iceland in 2010.
I made a shirt because it reflected the denim shirts that was worn in prison. I decide to burn holes onthe shirt to represent the Volcanoe Eruption. The collar is curled to look like the swirls of a hurricane.

Final Garment

Photoshoot: Around my college and did some simple photoshop editing.
Model: Ranny Cooper

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