Friday, 29 March 2013

Daniela is in an exhibition!

Danielas Blog

Its the last row, I think she did great, very innovative photos.
The exhibition is at Brighton Uni and it is on for another two weeks, so you should visit and check out Danielas work!

This girl came second, 109, Daisy Jones. I love this photo and its vintage twist


Screw the grey clouds its spring we should dress like it, vibrant colours, floral prints. I think we should all follow Kezia's Optimism!

Monday, 25 March 2013


Literally fell in love with some YouTube channel.
Big fan of Caspar lee <3 and Zoella

Rocker and Midnight Garden

Ranny bleached her hair and eyebrows.
I like her outfit. I think i would call it Midnight Garden. 

Charlton looking like a rocker.
 Ralph Lauren shirt
Urban Outfitters Camos
Cambridge bag

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Getting Better

Drew this couples of weeks ago

Had this dress idea in my head for so long. Then the song that helped me think of this, came on then just reminded me.

Finally learning so I can show all these outfits in my head. Never realized how relaxing drawing is with a bit of Biffy and Bon Iver.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Me now!

I'm sorry that i haven't really been blogging. I have been doing the Avant Garde project as well as going to interviews. I now have two offers, it's so exciting they want me. 
I also can't seem to stop watching Greys Anatomy, almost on season 8.. ahh i dnt want it to finish..

I am starting a new and LAST project.
I think I will be so much more busier in the next term.
This project is our chance to be more creative and independent as we are going to be choosing our own titles and writing our own brief, and at the end, our garments are going to be worn at our end-of-year Fashion Show.


Me on mothers day and photos of ranny ages ago at college.
Have many more photos of her outfits which i will upload soon.

Avant Garde Project

 We had to choose a trend out of 3 and I chose Avant Garde because it related a lot to surrealism, and the illusions interested me.
I was mostly inspired by surrealist Rene Margritte and fashion designer Mary Katrantzou work.
I did a lot of collaging and over laying on Photo Shop of my work and images that i took.
I played around with different print techniques such as Foiling, Puff Binder and White opaque binder.
I used black foiling for my final garment as it looked like silhouettes and contrasted well with my colorful digital prints. I used White Opaque binder on one of my final samples.

I do have print samples as well but i didn't get the chance to photograph it, hand ins tomorrow and surprisingly I finished a day before. Fingers cross that I get a distinction.  

The brown Skyline Print is Suede Binder


Design Developement

Model and Drape

London Skylines

Add caption

Model: Amalia Parakevas

Mary Katrantzou A/W 12

These are examples of my other prints