Thursday, 20 December 2012

Chance and Accident Project


We were given a project called Chance and Accident. In this project we had to pick out teo words out of an envelope and one of the words would represent the style of clothing and the other is the design. I picked out Uniform Extreme/Excess.
I research various uniforms and chose Prison wear because I like the denim and the history of it. For Extreme/Excess I focus on natural disasters because of the recent tradgey of The Hurricane Sandy.
I also looked at the Volcanoe Eruption in Iceland in 2010.
I made a shirt because it reflected the denim shirts that was worn in prison. I decide to burn holes onthe shirt to represent the Volcanoe Eruption. The collar is curled to look like the swirls of a hurricane.

Final Garment

Photoshoot: Around my college and did some simple photoshop editing.
Model: Ranny Cooper

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Imogen Mansfield

Immy looking so cute with this dress. i love the print and thoe collar.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Ranny with her Ralph Lauren shorts!

Her chiffon looking top underneath her velvet leotard is acctually a pair of tights that she made into a top.
She's such a great model always confident. She puts clothes together really well, and she made a style that only really suits her, really shows she knows what she likes when presenting herself.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Deciding to go to University

View from UCA Rochester

Work that was up in UCA Rochester

Sneaky pic of a guy I saw in Winchester

It started of with a dream: I was about to get on the train but the station was so busy, and i got push to the ground. i heard the train leave with out me, but when i turned around the station was empty, and the train was still there. i thought about this dream and i started to think that maybe it was an oppurtunity that i thought i missed but its still there waiting for me. Then i had a revelation that it might be sign to go to Uni. I went to Winchester school of Arts and UCA Rochester open days.
Really like the universities both in peaceful locations and great working environments. Going to the acctual places made me have a good feel on how it could be next year, the next step is scarying m  a little but I'm also excited for a new experience.

love his shoes that have a little platform and he can really pull of lilacy hair. Aiming for the hair colour.

Never thought of a hook and hoop/buckle as a fastening, so creative.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Kezia Byass

Friends Kez, she is also studying fashion.
I really like the choice of colours she put together in this outfit, looks girlie and elegant.

The background is the classes work stuck onto the wall, from the last project which was digital print. I will soon be posting the work i did in that project as soon as i get my grade.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

90s maxi Skirt


The skirt is from oxfam which i think is where i get all my clothes now that im volunteering there. I have been looking for a long warm skirt for ages, I added the buttons because i've always like the idea 0f buttoned down skirts, as it reminds me of shirts but as a skirt, so im so happy i found this with stylish criss-cross belt hoops.

Earings are hand made by my friend Amalia.