Sunday, 27 January 2013

Yesterday Went to london With Jonny

He actually made me look up and smile whilst taking a blog photo

This is our only photo together wish I took more!

Missed him soso much!
The skylines are photos for college, literally kept stopping to take photos, He's too good to me!!

Tim Walker The Story Teller

Went to the Somerset House to the Tim Walker Exhibition. Unfortunately I couldn't take photos inside. It was amazing, it really looked like a 3D fairytale book with writings on the wall of his quotes and facts about him. His over sized props and his drawings of photo plans.

He has worked with Louis Vuitton, Giles Deacon and Mary Kantrantzou.
I always wondered why he loved doing over sized shoots and I read that he saw the world through a child's eyes.


Heard back from the Unis I have applied to and i have gotten and interview!! Which is this Saturday. I have been asked to do online portfolios but one asked me to send 6 A4 pages and this is the only one i could take photos of.

Westminster Open day

Went with my lovely mum who is that women in the red

Went to Westminster open day and i fell in love. Literally walked out of the tube station and saw the Uni, its in the middle of Northwick Park. The lobby looked just like a posh hotels and so did the elevators. I love the big space around it. Students work were so inspiring.
Would be amazing to be attending here this September!!

Typical Sunday at Danielas

Vain and playing about with danielas new baby

These photos were taken by her new camera.

Snow aren't you a little late?

Add caption

She's gonna hate me when she sees this but she so cute! just had too
Went out with Daniela and her cousin. I have to admit I'm not a big fan of snow I just thinks its pretty but really annoying after about an hour.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Americana Project Photoshoot

Gingham Halterneck Playsuit With A Detachable Peplum

Photographer - Daniela Nobrega
Model - Alice Barrett

Cherry DollFace is my inspiration for vintage hair!

 I've only posted the photoshoot because I'm really happy with it and couldn't wait to gather up all project sheets then posting it. So look out for my sketches and idea's before this final garment which i will be posting shortly! 

The shoot was done at JB's Diner and the ramps just above Brighton Beach.
I did the styling and managed to do he hair in victory curls, I'm obviously not the best but I hope it looks okay :) tell me what you think!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ice Skating last week

Went ice Skating for the first time. I was terrible my friends were holding my hand the whole time apart from the last 5 mins. Fell on my butt so much mehh, but definitly gonna go again next year!

Went with family friends that are back in brighton from Uni :)

That was basically my face the whole time,haha

Thought it was a cool lighting

Friday, 4 January 2013


Trafalger Square - the very spot lewis stayed for 2 days for the Harry Potter Premier

Covent Gardenss

awhh this Ice Creamm is a little piece of heaven

M&M World highlight of our dayy!

Was just wondering about London then found CHINA TOWN

Was a great day with LewLew. The ticket that we got was the wrong one and we couldn't get tubes, but it was fun walking around London.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year!

Last couple of months before turning 18!

Hope you all had a good Christmass and ready for the new years! :)

New years resolution:
  • Get Driving License 
  • Get a job 
  • Get into Uni 
  • Make it work with Jonny (my boyfriend who I haven't actually Mentioned)
I also want to share as much of me on this blog, get to know me and I think that it would also be a bit of a release. 

It was really sunny, a great way to start the new years. Me and mum went to the lagoon and had a little photoshoot. Love my mum she was just bossing me around on where to go, and she had the idea for me to stand on a platform that was on the lagoon.
Dungarees = Topshop