Monday, 20 May 2013

National Bezzies day!

Love looking through old photos, and this are me fam, havent spoken to some for a very long time but knows they're still my besties.
There's no order!

Sir Reebab/ Kris
Me and tallington

Sims, Bazz,Nayo, Case (weird kid), addie

Danyfella, Gabster, me, Jakey

Bea Boo! who is now in canada missing her soso much.

Lew Lew


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Brighton Pier

Went to the Pier with Grandparents. I went to work before and got elbowed right in the eye, excuse my glasses on a really dull day.
I am literally navigating around my house eyes close. 
It is alright somehow right now :)
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My Grandpaps
My grams and me looking like so cool. sunshades indoors INNIT! 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

London with Grandparents

My grandparents got to England about last week on the 5th of may, and apart from my 18th birthday this was our next outing.
Went to Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. It started to rain horribly so we couldn't sight see much.

My Lola

My Lolo

Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Top - Republic

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Turned 18, responsibilities here I come, ahh scary and I still don't want to have any.
I had a birthday weekend.
Saturday- I went to Alfresco with a group of friends. It is a poshish Restaurant right by the beach in brighton, overlooking the west pier. always wanted to go there, but I never had monies. Had such an amazing day with the greatest people.
Sunday- My grandparents arrived from Philippines to stay with us for 6 months! (I haven't seen them for 3 years). My parents surprised me with an 18th traditional cotillion. I have always hated the idea but really appreciated the celebration and ended up loving it. It was the perfect kind of cotillion for me, no fancy hotel, not paying people to take photos or have caters. Completely intimate and simple.
Monday- First time going out. Me and Kez went to a pub and then a club by the beach called Coalition.
Was a great experience. 

My Throne