Saturday, 27 July 2013

Portugal, Lisbon Day3&4


Time for T
Fell in love with this guy

Day 3:
 We decided to stay at the hotel and enjoy the pool, Jacuzzi and sauna. Was a lazy day.
 We arrived at the festival at about 5 and watch Time for T and then caught a bit of Depeche Mode. The Line up that day didn't really appeal to us so we had an early night had some drinks and then watched Star Wars Phantom Menace.


Kings of Leon
I was going for an out of focus effect (joke I cant' take photos)

Day 4:
  Last Day of Optimus Alive!
  We went to see Jake bugg and Monsters Of Men and Kings of Leon. 
  As kings of Leon was our last gig we pushed our way near to the front, they were all amazing.
We also spent most of the night in the clubbing tent and some guys went up to us and asked were we got the drugs from. Funniest night, we both realised we're rubbish dancers. 

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