Monday, 17 June 2013

Work and Exhibition!

Market Board - My designs are aimed for music video or/and music performances wear.
Aimed for artist like Pink, Hayley Williams, Little Mix

Mood Board 

Inspired by  the Very talented Cassandra Rhodin

Construction Diary, Photo Shoot book, Pattern Pieces Folder 

Final Print Samples 

Close up of my headers 
I really enjoyed this project! I felt so confident and learned that I am a playful Designer. I feel so creativitly drained now. I didn't want to show a literally approach from my project title which is Toys and Childhood games.
I just wanted to show little elements for example the Golf PVC fabric. I have chosen this  because I thought it resembled Lego. I have also used scoobies as panels but spray painted it so it doesn't look like scoobies and to match my colour pallette. My combination of bright and metallic on my colour palette reflected the playful colours and the plastic texture of toys.

Exhibition Spot

Others Peoples garments, The smocked dress is made and designed by Ranny

The Exhibition opens at Northbrook college UK on Wednesday so come along and check out our work :)!

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