Thursday, 14 March 2013

Avant Garde Project

 We had to choose a trend out of 3 and I chose Avant Garde because it related a lot to surrealism, and the illusions interested me.
I was mostly inspired by surrealist Rene Margritte and fashion designer Mary Katrantzou work.
I did a lot of collaging and over laying on Photo Shop of my work and images that i took.
I played around with different print techniques such as Foiling, Puff Binder and White opaque binder.
I used black foiling for my final garment as it looked like silhouettes and contrasted well with my colorful digital prints. I used White Opaque binder on one of my final samples.

I do have print samples as well but i didn't get the chance to photograph it, hand ins tomorrow and surprisingly I finished a day before. Fingers cross that I get a distinction.  

The brown Skyline Print is Suede Binder


Design Developement

Model and Drape

London Skylines

Add caption

Model: Amalia Parakevas

Mary Katrantzou A/W 12

These are examples of my other prints

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